Dinghy Hire

The club’s dinghies (Toppers, Bahias, Stratos and Whaly – for use solely as safety boat) are available for hire to sailing members. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that they remain serviceable for as long as possible for everyone’s enjoyment.

Who can hire a dinghy?

For pleasure use, sailing members may hire a dinghy if they have prior experience of sailing the dinghy or who are otherwise very experienced sailors capable of competently sailing it. If there is any doubt an induction can be arranged upon request.

N.B The above requirement does not take effect if taking part in a club racing where safety boat cover is provided.

Availability: Club summer courses, Sunday sailing courses and training days have priority for the use of club dinghies.

How to hire a dinghy/safety boat

Please complete this form   The Whaly Safety Boat (normally used for battery duty and kept on the clubs mooring) may only be taken out for a maximum of 2 hours and must be returned no later than by 5pm. It may only be used within the Club’s training area for the purposes of providing safety cover for dinghies that have been hired. You may use the Strangford 16 ferry boat to retrieve it/leave it back to/from the mooring.

Hire Period 1 Day 4 Weeks 8 Weeks
Laser Stratos £15 £100 £150
Bahia £10 £70 £100
Topper £5 £30 £50
Whaly (2 Hrs) £5

Signing Out/In

  • All missing items or record of damage, defects or problems must be recorded. (For now, drop a note into the letterbox outside the office). Normal wear and tear is expected and members will not incur a cost if this occurs during the hire.

All Club dinghies have their own individual trolleys and parking space in the dinghy park or dinghy rack. Please ensure that you return the dinghy on its own trolley to its appropriate location. Likewise all sails, foils and spars have an individual storage place in the shed; please ensure that you return everything to where you got it. This makes for easy checking that all equipment is present and accounted for and ensures that everything is where it should be for the next person.

Check your dinghy

Prior to launching it is essential to check the dinghy over for any damage or defects and to ensure that all safety equipment is present and working. Carefully remove the dinghy cover and place it in the shed, do not leave it lying on the ground outside where it will get walked on and/or blow away or lying on top of another dinghy etc.

Use only the parts belonging to each dinghy All the sails, foils, spars, covers and trolleys for club dinghies are marked with an identification number specific to each dinghy. Please do not use equipment belonging to another dinghy. This is to ensure that different dinghies are kept in various conditions for racing or beginner training etc. Please ensure that you also put the dinghy back on its own numbered trolley.

Launching & recovery

Dinghies should always be launched and recovered in suitable depths of water to avoid accidental damage to the hull or foils. Particular care must be exercised when launching and recovering the Laser Stratos Keel.

Crews should always drop the mainsail before approaching the slip when the wind is onshore (ie NE to SW direction). Ideally, after launching you should ensure the trolley is returned to its designated space and certainly not just abandoned where it could cause any inconvenience to other members etc. Leaving trolleys on the main slipway during a falling tide must be avoided as this causes inconvenience to other boat users wishing to launch etc. Think of others!


A personal flotation device must be worn at all times by everyone aboard the dinghy. Club Byelaw 8.1 refers. Other safety equipment such as a handheld radio etc could be useful – especially if taking the boat some distance from the club. The masthead flotation bags provided for the Bahia dinghies to prevent the mast inverting after capsize, must be hoisted at all times, including while racing, when the dinghy is on the water. General Smoking aboard any Club boat or dinghy is strictly prohibited.

These guidelines are designed to keep the club boats in the best condition possible but the hiring of boats is conditional upon the hirer adhering to them. Hirers who do not take care of equipment will be unable to hire dinghies in the future.