Facilities Booking

This pages sets out all the forms for booking facilities at SLYC

Launching/Recovery of your boat

Please use this form to request the booking of the slipway for the launching or recovery of your boat, use of the club’s tractor to launch/recover or the use of the mast derrick/crane. You do not need to use this form for a rib or other similar small craft.

Click Here to request to book the slipway, tractor or mast derrick

Click Here to book the Palfinger Crane

Click here to book the drying-out piles

2018 Craning in forms for Beatties Crane.

It is only a few weeks away and craning in commences!  All bookings must be in for the 28th of February.
Craning in dates are as follows:

Monday the 16th of April 2018             HW 14:01 (3.4m)
Tuesday the 17th of April 2018             HW 14:36 (3.5m)
Wednesday the 18th of April 2018       HW 15:18 (3.5m)

Reserve Day will be the Thursday the 19th of April 2018        HW 16:06 (3.5m)

Please use the correct form as the above dates will only be those craning in with Beatties crane.

To Book for ONLY Beatties crane please click HERE!

Please note that there will be no Palfinger craning on or around the above dates due to boat  and trailer movements.



You have the option of the Palfinger on other dates. Please use the form above.

Click Here to book

Summer Trailer Storage

Use this form to make payment for summer storage of trailers in the field on Sketrick. Payment includes the transport of trailers to and from the field.

Click Here to book